Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fake Pie tutorial

So this might seem a bit random but for me its not uncommon for me to be asked to make a fake pie. I recently designed props for a show where in one scene one of the characters brought home a pie for a friend. With a small budget and needing something to last about a month it had to be fake. I am really happy with how it came out and got tons of compliments and some people even thought it was real!

So if there are other theatre techs out there who need this at some point here it is!

What you will need:

Tin pie shell
Fake grapes (small)
Hot glue gun and glue
Light brown clay
Brown paint/ink (optional)

1. First take your styrofoam and cut it into a circle small enough to fit on the bottom of your pie shell. I bought a circular piece of styrofoam at the store and just cut it down. Glue circle into bottom of pie shell.

2. There will be a some space in between the styrofoam you just glued down and the edge of the pie crust so I filled that area in with scraps of styrofoam. This also helps to give pie a bumpier surface.

The pie with Styrofoam steps done!

* Also you will see that I colored in the styrofoam here with a paint pen but it is definitely NOT necessary. I thought that you would be able to see the styrofoam through the pie at the end but if you cover it well with the berries it wont be a problem at all. 

3. Now its time to add the berries! (aka grapes ) First you will have to remove all of the grapes from the vine so you have individual grapes. Then one by one glue them down. Start with one layer and then if you have extras glue a couple random ones on top to create another layer.

Grapes all attached

4. Now its time for the crust! I made a latice crust but feel free to get creative and change it up. I bought a light brown color of non hardening clay. First get a roll pin and flatten it out to desired thickness. Then take a knife and cut strips into about 3/4  to 1 inch pieces. Start at one end and layer it over the pie about a inch or so apart. Cut off the excess.

5. I decided to take some brown ink (Can definitely use paint a bit watered down, I just couldn't find mine) and lightly paint over some of the strips to give it a browning effect like it just came out of the oven. Might not be noticeable from a distance but adds a nice touch!

Latice Crust!

6. Last step! I realized that the crust looked a bit weird where you could see the tin pie shell so I took another piece of clay and rolled it into a thin strip and pressed it down along the edge.


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